PFC-Parent Faculty Club

Northgate Education Fund

The Northgate Education Fund allows the Parent Faculty Club to equip Northgate High School to best live out its mission of “Excellence For, and From, All Students”.  100% of the money donated to the education fund goes back to the school.  The money donated to the Ed Fund helps bridge the gap between public funding and the current, true cost of the full educational experience that Northgate offers. 

You may make a one-time donation or elect to have your donation made in 10 monthly installments.  Choose how you would like to donate from the column to the left.

The suggested donation for 2018-19 is $400 per family.  Our goal is for 100% of Northgate families to contribute.  Donations in any amount are welcome!

A donation of any amount will make you part of Northgate's Education Fund Donor Circle:

Donor Circle
Bronco Level $1 to $400
Crimson Level $401 to $1,249
Gold Level $1,250 to $2,499
Honor Society $2,500 or more

Thank you for making a difference!

For more information, contact Kathy Wallrath or Jamie LaPierre, or Darlene Babcock, Education Fund Co-Chairs at

Financial contributions are tax deductible. (Tax ID: 23-7405489)